Advance to authentic equity and inclusion

We provide training, coaching and consultancy services to corporate entities, public, and NGO sectors to facilitate their transition from “diversity management” to authentic racial equity.

The end goal is to enable people of all races to achieve at their highest levels and live their most empowered lives.

‘Kotahi te kohao o te ngira, e kuhuna ai te miro mā, te miro pango, te miro whero. I muri, kia mau ki te aroha, ki te ture, ki te whakapono.’

'There is but one eye of the needle through which the white, black and red threads must pass. Thereafter, hold fast to compassion, the laws and your faith.’

About Us

The Courageous Conversation® Protocol transforms beliefs, behaviours and results. It enables people to engage in a conversation about race that is positive, connected and uplifting, calling people into the conversation, rather than calling them out.

These are turbulent times and we are all impacted. It is more pressing than ever to keep moving toward an inclusive and equitable, Te Tiriti-led Aotearoa for everyone.

Our Foundation

Let the Courageous Conversation Aotearoa® Foundation help you drive systemic change.

We provide community and youth organisations, secondary schools and other learning institutions a way to examine and address the structures that promote and sustain racial disparity. Together with the Courageous Conversation Global Foundation, the first Fellows programme was established in Aotearoa and is now part of our community programming.

“I've seen many DEI strategies and too often they are just box ticking exercises. The Courageous Conversation workshop was a deeply profound experience for our team. It was not only beneficial for us personally and for our workplace culture, but it had a hugely positive impact on our work. Changing the way we relate to each other fostered a more creative, synergetic and productive environment and this most definitely improved the quality of what we produce. Our approach is different and that is getting noticed.”
Angela Watson, Managing Director, Colenso BBDO, Auckland
“Our Kaimahi and Partners were amazed by the feedback following this workshop. It changed our thinking on race and left us with invaluable tools. The facilitators were relatable, knowledgeable, and inspirational. I would highly recommend this workshop to everyone in Aotearoa.”
Harley Kaihe-Katterns - Te Putahitanga o Te Waipounamu
“The workshop offers a compassionate but clear-eyed opportunity for people to consider issues that are essential for a harmonious and just future. I found it inspiring and stimulating. It was a great experience to be in a room of people from many different backgrounds working, with gentle, constructive guidance from the facilitators, to explore racism, inequity and privilege. The exercises gave participants a new way to view what seems to many to be 'normal', and to shift from unknowing complicity to a new awareness of the power we each have to effect change.”
Alexandra Tidswell - Kia Māia Bicultural Communications
"This workshop gave us much to consider, reflect on and the necessary tools to proactively move forward with. We all agreed that ALL organisations need to do this training - it is so valuable not only for personal growth but also good for business."
Louise Gallagher - CEO, PANNZ (Performing Arts Network New Zealand)
“Thank you for the opportunity! The training was always engaging, interesting, real and the most I have gotten out of an online platform for training! Brilliantly delivered.”
Vicky Wright, Manager, Internet New Zealand
“The workshop was a deeply moving experience and created a paradigm shift of thinking about the issues of race for many in the room. With expert guidance, participants were given a sound framework to question their existing beliefs and experiences and were encouraged to embark on courageous conversations regarding the impacts of race and racism. Through the shared humanity of working together, this experience has deepened my aspirations and commitment to achieve equity for all peoples of Aotearoa, New Zealand.”
Emma Hunter - National Consumer Advisor ASARS (All of Salvation Army Services)
"I’ve attended the Courageous Conversation workshop twice. It is unlike any other workshop I’ve done. It’s authentic and real and gives you tools to navigate the race space safely."
Renee Peeni (Ngāpuhi), Recruitment and Relationship Co-ordinator, Unitec Pathways College
“The Courageous Conversation team worked with us [Auckland Council] to pilot a workshop and refine it to fit our context and we now offer this as part of our Inclusive Leadership programme at Council. The programme is personally and professionally challenging, illuminating, thought provoking and very popular.”
Deborah James, Head of Diversity and Inclusion Auckland Council
“The facilitators’ approach focused on creating awareness about matters relating to, and the impact of race and was both inspiring and challenging. It is of no surprise that those in attendance were extremely engaged, both in the moment and in conversations that have since followed.”
Ben Skeen, Associate Headmaster- Junior School, Auckland Grammar
“The Courageous Conversations workshop was challenging and revealing but expertly facilitated. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone embarking on, or part way through a journey of discovery about the impact of race on personal and professional relationships.”
Cath Cardiff, Senior Manager, Arts Development Services Creative New Zealand
"He ngākau mahaki, he ngākau aroha – A humble and unassuming person, is a loving and compassionate person. Expertly facilitated discussions and activities that encouraged us to openly explore our own experiences with race and racism. Sharing these stories made us more accepting and empathetic towards each other’s lived experiences. We left the workshop connected through our commitment to continue practicing compassion and empathy."
Uekaha Douglas, Assistant Māori Adviser- Kaitohutohu Māori Social Investment Agency
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